Merrywood Estates Property Owners Association

Merrywood Estates is a Bird Sanctuary

Small pets are a part of our families and we hope that all your pets will have proper fencing, care and identification.  

Merrywood welcomes horses, but no other farm animals. Leash Laws apply. Fowl are not permitted.  Merrywood is located in a rural community and has a river system as its eastern border. Deer and many bird species abound. We have every sort of wild critters wandering around that will rarely approach you; we recommend you leave them alone. Merrywood has several predator class wild animals: Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, and an occasional Cougar are routinely seen at night and occasionally during the daytime hours. These animals generally keep the rabbit and squirrel population down. Exercise caution with your small animals (cats and dogs) as we also have Bald Eagles, very powerful Owls and Hawks.   


NEW RESIDENTS:  please contact MPOA with your contact information as quickly as possible if you are an animal owner. We all have had escapees :-( , and we want to know how to contact you if Fideaux, Mineaux, or Mr Ed gets out. We broadcast missing or found emails. Email with a photo and contact information.

If you have a neighbor not carrying for, or controlling their animal - please GET A PHOTO AND first contact the Animal Control at 985.809.0183 or visit their website at Leash laws apply here. Please contact MPOA President if issue persists but continue to make Animal Control reports. If the law regarding nuisance animals is to be applied, it must be reported to animal control. Take a photo of the offending animal.  IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY CALL 911