Merrywood Estates Property Owners Association

Our Association is governed by a four member “Executive Board” elected to office by the members of the MPOA community (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) plus  a three member “Board of Directors”  

Elections are held annually with each “Executive Board” member serving a two year term. “Executive Committee”. meetings of the general membership are held twice a year and at the call of the “Executive Board” President. 

Association membership is 30.00 annual dues payment. Membership conveys the right to vote on issues and participate in other membership benefits. PER THE BYLAWS: "THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE" consists of "THE EXECUTIVE BOARD" AND the "BOARD OF DIRECTORS" 

​Merrywood Property Owners Association Board of Directors & Committee Members

While this is a 'Property Owners Association" we welcome participation and input by anyone renting in our community. Unfortunately we cannot expend you a vote, but your voice, goodwill and citizenship is appreciated.

Allyson Keller, President, 121 Bienville
Cellular:  985-510-0648 (PLEASE DO NOT CALL AFTER 7:30PM)

Jack Horil, Jr. Vice President, 138 Normandy

Jenel Gauthier, Secretary 111 Orleans

Lynda Ward, Past President 105 Orleans

Jon Craig, Architectural Committee
Email:, 985-630-4046